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Aquaculture operations around the world are already seeing the benefits of VAF Feed Block diets. You can see for yourself what the industry has to say:


"As a ten-year veteran of salmon farming, I have lived through the arduous times of medicinal sea lice treatments. The ongoing development of organic and natural ways to combat sea lice with ballan wrasse and lump fish has amazed me. The feed blocks developed by VAF have revolutionised the way I run my site. The easy storage and a defined method of distribution to our pens has saved man hours and vastly improved our cleaner fish survival at sea. Essentially removing the need for medicinal bath treatments. I'm glad to be a part of the very beginning of great venture."

Michael Horton, Site Manager, Loch Duart Ltd.

"I have used a variation of diets since we began using cleaner fish 5 years ago, ranging from live feeds, to Biomar diets and now VAF. I am very impressed with the VAF diet, not only for its balanced nutritional profile, which has vastly improved cleaner fish health at Loch Duart but also its benefits to sea operations. The feed block design, provided in recyclable buckets, is perfectly suited to being stored out at sea, has an impressive shelf life and is easily transported to remote farming locations like Sutherland and the Outer Hebrides. Over all this diet improves feed reliability and availability to sea sites and holds up very well in the ocean environment, making it the most robust grazing diet I have seen on the market."

Lewis Bennett, Cleaner Fish Manager, Loch Duart Ltd.


"This food source is vital to maintain healthy and robust populations."

Patrick Reynolds, GIFAS

"It is becoming increasingly evident that the supplementary feeding of cleaner fish deployed within commercial salmon pens is necessary."

Leclercq, Davie & Migaud, Feeding behaviour and growth of lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus L.) fed with feed blocks

"The acclimation period required before the fish will utilize them appears to be relatively short, thus potentially allowing for their use in commercial salmon cages."

Imsland, Reynolds, Jonassen, Hangstad, Jónsdóttir, et al, Comparison of diet composition, feeding, growth and health of lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus L.) fed either feed blocks or pelleted commercial feed

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