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As pioneers in aquatic nutrition, we are dedicated to innovating and improving the ways in which fish are fed in the aquaculture industry. By putting a focus on the welfare of the animals, maintaining good health and promoting natural growth, the benefits are carried forward through the farming process and inevitably into the end product.


As key parts of the VAF system, we are constantly developing our feeding station technology in order to efficiently deliver and deploy our feeds - revolutionising the way in which farmed fish are fed and maintained. As part of our collaborative service, we use our decades of scientific and engineering expertise to create bespoke and completely unique apparatus in order to improve feed delivery methods and maximise efficiency for you and your aquaculture operation.

  • Our standard Manual Line Deployment (MLD) system is designed for practicality and efficiency, able to be loaded in situ at the pen. The MLD includes a unique yellow indicator ring that floats to the surface to notify users once the feed is consumed. We recommend placing a number of MLDs spread out around the pen to provide a series of feeding stations, reducing aggressive behaviour among the cleaner fish during feeding.​ DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS

  • ​Our one-of-a-kind Automatic Deployment Station (ADS) can be strategically employed using our feed blocks to provide a complete and balanced VAF diet with minimal supervision and maintenance. The ADS apparatus itself also has almost limitless potential for operational data collection and research applications. This revolutionary feeding station is currently in the final stages of development and we are happy to discuss it in further detail if you would like to get in touch.

What makes our feed products so distinct is the high quality, sustainable ingredients we use and our cold-extrusion process which creates malleable, stable and highly-digestible diets. We employ bespoke machinery designed by us to produce our feeds, making them completely unique to Vita Aqua Feeds. Through an extensive history in aquatic nutrition, we produce the best aquaculture fish feed in the world and we design our feeding stations to help you deliver that high quality nutrition in the most practical and efficient way possible.

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